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Exercises to Tighten the Vagina

exercise guide Aug 21, 2022

The fact that you’re here tells me we’d be great friends. 

Why? Because you’re awesome. 

You’ve raised an eyebrow when reading about “vaginal tightening pills”. 

You had some questions when hearing about “vaginal tightening creams”. 

You even chuckled out loud when Google prompted you with the search term for “vaginal tightening herbs”.

And yes, perhaps you did spend some money on a few of these quick fixes (no shame in that – God knows I once spent half of my salary on imported fat-loss gummy bears).

But just like I did before I actually got in shape, you’ve had an incredible realization: 

You have a lot more control over your goal than any external quick fix.

And that makes me wicked happy. 

So in this short guide, I will provide you with some actionable, science-backed steps to actually get you feeling tighter, enjoying sex much more, and perhaps, even connect you with your inner sex goddess.

Sound good? Let’s do it.

(And if you're wondering – yes. The gummy bears were delicious. Perhaps they would’ve helped with fat loss if I hadn’t eaten them all in one sitting, but alas…)

How to Naturally Tighten the Vagina

Before we get started on the ways to tighten the vagina, I want to briefly go through some anatomy with you.  

We go much more in-depth on this in our How to Tighten Your Vagina guide, which references a bunch of scientific papers, and breaks down some of the more controversial approaches for vaginal tightening.

In that guide, we explain that the term “tight” is not the most accurate.

This is because of the elastic tissue surrounding your vagina, which allows it to expand for things going in (wink wink) or going out (goo goo ga ga).

This tissue contains elastin and collagen, two proteins that allow for it to “snap back” into shape after it expands.

So great news - your vagina is, naturally, extremely elastic.  

However, the reason why you might feel a lack of sensation down there could be because you’ve either:

a) lost a bit of this elastic capacity due to childbirth, aging, or a health-related drop in estrogen


b) your pelvic floor muscles have weakened, so they’re not able to support the natural shape of your vaginal canal.

Regardless of the cause (which you might want to discuss with your doctor), this feeling of “looseness” is completely reversible, and can be treated the same way:

By working on the layer that’s closest to your vaginal canal, and completely under your control: your muscle.

So how do you naturally tighten the vagina?

To naturally tighten the vagina, you need to strengthen your pubococcygeus muscle, the
hammock-like muscle that forms the floor of the pelvic cavity and supports the vaginal canal. 

There are three key components of strengthening this muscle: an exercise routine, adequate rest, and proper stretching. 

And you can strengthen this muscle to gain back the feeling of “tightness” regardless of age and whether you’ve given birth or not. 

What you’re essentially doing here is building muscle. 

Just like you would build your delts to get sexy, Hannah Waddinghamn action figure-like arms; or your glutes to give your partner more to hold on to on a cold night. 

This new layer of muscle will take up more space, providing better support for the vaginal canal and pushing it closer together, narrowing it. 

…so really, it’d be more accurate to refer to it as vaginal strengthening, rather than tightening.


How to do Pompoir Exercises to Tighten the Vagina Naturally


Pompoir is the practice where a woman will master complete control over her vaginal muscles, to be able to perform a unique array of motions during sex, such as squeezing, pulling, tilting, sucking, whipping, milking, pulsing, twisting, and more.

Some of the benefits of the practice include an increase in sexual sensation, stronger orgasms, increase in number of orgasms, faster arousal time, a heightened libido, an increase in sexual confidence, amongst others.

Basically, Pompoir takes vaginal strengthening to an entirely new level.

Not only will sex feel more intense - you’ll be able to be in control of your own orgasms and increase your sex drive, completely naturally.

Not to mention the effect these sex goddess skills will have on your partner. 

Let’s just say he’ll be very attentive from now on (after you give him a minute or two to recover…).

The 3 Dimensions of the Vagina


There are three dimensions of the vagina that you want to work on in order to master the different skills of Pompoir.  

You have the vertical dimension, the horizontal dimension, and the front and back walls.

To understand the vertical dimension, picture the vagina as seen from the front. Exercising the entrance of the vaginal canal (as depicted here with the number 1) is much different than exercising the top of the vaginal canal, near the cervix (number 3).

Some exercises that involve independently targeting different vertical levels of the vagina include sucking, milking, and pulsing.

These Pompoir skills are generally the easiest to acquire, and they’re incredibly pleasurable to perform during deep penetration, in positions such as doggy style, or the anvil.

To understand the horizontal dimension, we’ll go back to the same picture of the vagina as seen from the front. Only this time, we’ll focus on the right (A) and left side (B) walls of the vagina. 

Some exercises that involve independently targeting the lateral walls of the vagina include squeezing, tilting, and twisting.

These motions are generally more advanced and will take a bit more time to master than the exercises from the vertical dimension. 

But they’re absolutely worth it. Once you master your lateral walls, you master your climax.

These are the skills that when performed in bed will get both you and your partner to have extremely intense orgasms, so we generally recommend them at the end of your love-making session, for an exploding crescendo

Finally, let’s look at the vagina as scene from the side to understand the front and back dimension.

The vagina is not a perfect circle. It’s almost like a flattened trapezoid (which is why your doctor inserts a speculum to examine you). 

I’ve marked the anterior surface (facing your belly) with an X, and the posterior surface (facing your back) with a Y.

The exercises that involve independently targeting the front and back walls are part of intermediate and advanced Pompoir training.

Generally, you’ll use them in combination with the horizontal walls to master the most complex of Pompoir skills, such as locking a penis tight in place and not allowing it to get out (you can probably imagine just how exquisite this can feel). 

Motions involving the front and back walls are excellent for turning the passion up a nodge, because they involve deep friction and heat. 

Advanced Pompoir students combine skills from the three dimensions in a symphony of different speeds, rhythms, and strength in one sexual encounter, to create the most powerful orgasms for both parties.

A Free Pompoir Exercises PDF

If you’re ready to naturally strengthen your vagina, this guide is the perfect starting point.

This beginner-friendly roadmap will show you exactly how to get started on your Pompoir journey.

We’ll cover a well-rounded approach to training, with basic exercises that target four muscle capacities:


  • Endurance: The ability to continue contracting a muscle under constant tension for a given period of time. In Pompoir, endurance work will be the main driver of building your PC muscles.

  • Power: Power refers to how explosive a movement is. Training Pompoir with a focus on power allows us to keep up a steady pace of strong and extremely sensual pulses that will turn up the passion volume to 100.

  • Speed: There’s a particular combination of sex positions that get a complete makeover when you apply some speedy contractions, squeezes, and tilts to it. Mastering speed in Pompoir is another sex goddess skill that will drive you and your partner crazy.

  • Mobility: Mobility refers to the capacity to perform a movement through its entire range of motion. In this guide, we’ll teach you the Milking technique, an extremely pleasurable movement that will get you stimulating the penis from base to head. 


The guide also explains the components of setting up a healthy and effective Pompoir training routine, including:

  • Proper Pompoir breathing
  • Adequate Rest & recovery
  • The importance of Pelvic floor Stretching

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions we get from women once they start diving into this incredible practice.

Do I need any tools to start training Pompoir?

You can definitely learn Pompoir without using any tools. 

However, if you find that you’re lacking strength when you first start practicing, a pair of Kegel weights might be useful. We explain more about that in the guide.

Additionally, many women find that the more complex motions (like the transition from pulling to full squeezing, and definitely twisting) are much easier with a dildo or vibrator of some sort.

We’ve coached women that have trained with and without one, and the progress is much faster when you have a tool, because you get visual and sensory feedback of your progress.

We recommend MysteryVibe’s Crescendo. An adaptable vibrator that you can use to practice the more advanced Pompoir exercises, and use the outside edge of the tool to guide you.

MysteryVibe has been kind enough to give all the readers of this article a 15% discount on the luxury item. Click this link to get it.

How long will it take me to strengthen my vagina?

Cue the awful answer nobody wants to give – it depends. 

Factors like childbirth, health issues and age can affect your starting point when it comes to pelvic floor strength, but overall, if you start adhering to the routine we recommend in the guide and prioritizing rest and stretching, you should be able to feel noticeable progress after just two weeks of training. 

Where can I continue learning about Pompoir?

Interested in releasing your inner sex goddess and mastering incredibly pleasurable techniques like pulsing, whipping, and twisting?

The Oh!lympus Program is the first-of-its-kind, step-by-step, fully-animated Pompoir course. 

Packed with expert tips and tasteful visuals, the program will teach you all the techniques to become a vaginal Olympic gymnast. 

Ready to become the ultimate sex goddess?

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