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The Ultimate Guide to Pompoir

exercise guide Oct 24, 2021

If you want to learn what Pompoir is and how to master this ancient sex practice in your quest for the ever-elusive
super orgasm, you’ve come to the right place.

Over the last year, we’ve taught women from all over the world how to tap into their sexual power – and the results have been incredible.

From increased libidos to completely transformed relationships, this technique developed in the far East has the potential to change your life forever. 

I know, it sounds made-up, right? Just keep reading...

Article Index

  1. Pompoir: From Devadasis to Modern Kingdoms
  2. Pompoir vs Kegels
  3. Benefits of Pompoir
  4. The Middle Man: Milking
  5. The Next Step: Learning to Squeeze
  6. Things to Consider
  7. Final Note


Pompoir: From Devadasis to Modern Kingdoms

First of all, what is Pompoir?

Pompoir is a sexual practice developed in India over 3,000 years ago, and spread throughout Asia amongst the elite escort community. It involves a woman using her vaginal muscles to stimulate her partner’s penis, through different movements like squeezing, pulling, tilting, gripping, twisting, locking, pulsing, and sucking.

You might have heard of Kegel training before – the contraction-based training by Dr. Arnold Kegels, to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and prevent incontinence. 

Though Pompoir includes some Kegel movements and will also deliver the same benefits, it is much, much more.

Contracting your pelvic floor muscles is only the very first step in becoming a vaginal goddess

We’ve written an entire article on the History of Pompoir, but here’s the gist: Pompoir, also known as “playing the skin flute” and the Singapore Kiss or Singapore Grip is said to have originated in India amongst the Devadasis.

The Devadasis were sacred female dancers and artists, whose job was to worship a deity and take care of a temple for their entire lives.

Though the devadasi system varied from region to region, many of them were also expected to engage in Sacred prostitution with the male devotees of the temple. Therefore, they would learn sexual techniques as part of their education – this is where Sahajoli training and later Pompoir are believed to come from. 

The practice then expanded to other regions of Asia, and it is believed to have been the secret spell that Wallis Simpson casted on King-Emperor Edward VIII, that she learned through her time in Shanghai.

So if this secret technique had the power to make a king renounce his throne for love, you can start to see the allure, right?

Pompoir vs Kegels: What's the difference?

Before moving on to the benefits of Pompoir and give you a beginners program to start practicing, we want to quickly explain the main differences between Pompoir and Kegel training.

As we explained above, Kegel exercises were developed by American gynecologist Dr. Arnold Kegel, who studied the importance of a strong pelvic floor in preventing urinary incontinence and genital prolapse.

He was also the inventor of the perineometer, an instrument by which he was able to measure the strength of the voluntary contractions that are the focus of Kegel training.

A pelvic floor contraction involves lifting your pelvic floor and “shortening” your vaginal canal by pulling up.

To perform one, simply imagine that you’re trying to hold in your pee, strongly.

Feel how you’re “lifting up”, as if you were pulling in with your vagina?

Now release.

That’s it! That is a vaginal contraction, the main Kegel exercise.

To begin strengthening your pelvic floor with Kegels, here’s a sample routine:

Perform 50 of these “short contractions” like the one you just did. Contract, “hold in your pee”, and release.

Then try to do another one, but this time, hold the contraction for longer before releasing. Try to hold it for 5 seconds. If that’s too easy, do it for 10.

Perform 10 of these “long” contractions, where you pull in, hold the contraction for a few seconds, and then release. 

And make sure you rest in between sets for as long as you've holding the contractions for (so if you're holding for 10 seconds, you'll rest for 10 seconds before contracting again).

That’s it. Finish your routine by performing some pelvic floor stretches, such as the yogi squat, the Sphinx pose and the Happy Baby pose.

And there you have it – a sample Kegel routine. As you can see, we have one main motion (contracting) and we perform it in two different variations.

This is the main difference between Kegels and Pompoir.

Kegels are designed to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles with the goal of preventing urinary incontinence and prolapse, so they cover one basic movement that will achieve exactly that.

Pompoir, on the other hand, has sexual pleasure as its main goal, so even though it will get you to strengthen your pelvic floor by default, it covers many other motions as well as contracting, such as squeezing, pulling, tilting, gripping, twisting, locking, pulsing, and sucking.

Benefits of Pompoir

We’re not going to lie to you – when we first discovered Pompoir, our goal was to become incredible lovers.

We wanted to see how far we could go in terms of
providing pleasure to our partners. We wanted to transform into what we thought of when we sang along to Tom Jones’ “Sex Bomb” anthem.

But when we actually started picking up the skill, it was a completely different story.

Yes, our partners were going out of their minds (the husband of one of our students even sent us flowers to express his gratitude!) but the benefits this practice was bringing to us were remarkable.

We hadn’t just acquired a new understanding on how to provide pleasure. We had unlocked the secret to experiencing surreal pleasure. 

These are the main benefits you can expect when regularly training Pompoir:

Delivering Pleasure

Let’s get this one out of the way, because it’s what most women come to us for, and (unfortunately!) sometimes the only thing Pompoir is known for: male enjoyment.

 And yes, absolutely. Mastering your vaginal muscles will allow you to bring mind-blowing, “can I make you breakfast, honey?”-orgasms to your man. 

Because of the nature of the practice and its origin story, Pompoir is designed to stimulate the penis in very different (and insanely pleasurable) ways.

 You’re basically turning your lady parts into a 5-star massager.

You’ll be gripping him tight and not allowing him to let go, you’ll be milking him as if you were giving him a vaginal handjob, you’ll be pulsing and sucking, and pushing him around – all with the finesse of a Sushi master making a Tako Nigiri. 

Men go absolutely insane for Pompoir, so it’s no surprise that the main benefit reported by students of this practice is the rekindling of the sexual spark in the bedroom.

And even if you decide to ignore all the other benefits we’re listing down because your goal is just to become a better lover, just know this:

When your man experiences you performing these motions on him, he’ll want to step up his own game in the bedroom.

Win-win-win, right?

Now, let’s explore the results that matter the most – the ones that women get surprised when they experience, after believing Pompoir was just designed for the man’s pleasure (spoiler alert: it isn’t!).

Increased Libido & Faster Arousal

Okey, let’s get to the part where
we get to reap the benefits of this ancient sex practice.

Because if you’re going to embark on any health or self-development journey, you should be the one getting most of the rewards, right?

The first way in which Pompoir improves your sex life is by increasing your libido.

Because you’ll be consistently training your most intimate areas – and because we put a strong focus on mind-muscle connection in our online Pompoir course 
– you’ll be prompted to think about sex much more often. 

It makes physiological sense, too. If you start getting your body used to stimulating the blood flow of your pelvic floor, it’s normal that you’ll be getting aroused more often.

What’s more, when you make Pompoir training a part of your routine, you’re taking 15-to-20 minutes of your day to connect with your femininity. You’re prioritizing your sexual health and pleasure, and you’re creating strong, neural pathways in your mind that remind you of sex, consistently. 

When women first started coming to us after experiencing a loss of libido due to menopause, we didn’t know if we could help them. But after consulting with a few doctors, we decided to give it a shot.

Turns out, the power to reawaken their sexual desire was always inside of them.

These are now the most committed and passionate students of Pompoir. They absolutely love what the practice has done to bring back their sexual beings – and being able to save thousands of dollars in testosterone therapy is a huge plus!

A note of caution though – we’ll talk about privacy later in the article, but one thing to bear in mind if you do start practicing Pompoir is that it’s very likely you’ll get aroused during training. 

After all, you’re practicing different ways to stimulate your genitals during sex – it’s almost impossible not to end a Pompoir session without touching yourself even once (and yes – we’ve put money on this challenge).

Now, we obviously don’t know every woman on Earth and it would be irresponsible to say that Pompoir is the end-all be-all cure to lack of sexual appetite.

But we can confidently say that we have yet to find a woman whose libido hasn’t been positively impacted by this practice.

The Super-O 

By far, our favorite benefit of training Pompoir is what we call the
super orgasm.

We already covered how the practice increases your libido and helps you get aroused faster, and more often. And of course, the more aroused you are and the more connected you are to your sexuality, the better the whole experience is.

But Pompoir also seems to transform the way we experience penetration.

If you’re like most women, penetration alone is probably not enough for you to orgasm. But when you start training your pelvic muscles regularly, and when you start identifying and isolating the different parts of your vaginal canal, you become extremely more sensitive down there.

You know how water seems to taste a lot better after you’ve gone for a sweaty run on a hot summer’s day?

Well, that’s kind of what penetration feels like when you’ve developed your vaginal muscles through Pompoir. It’s as if your taste buds have been enhanced.

Not only that – when you gain full control over these muscles, you’re able to activate each region separately during sex, and focus on the ones that bring you, specifically, the most pleasure. 

So, to sum up: if penetration has never been a vehicle to climax for you, it’s likely about to become one with Pompoir. And if you’re already a penetration-lover, you’re about to turn it up to 100. 

Through our coaching, we asked women how each exercise felt through each separate sex position – and the results were outstanding

Our students were experiencing entirely new sensations through the different combinations of motions and rhythms, and positions they previously didn’t care for became a LOT more exciting and pleasurable.

We document everything and even put together a series of recommendations for each one on the Oh!lympus Program, but we’ll say this: you won’t expect some positions to suddenly become your favorite after Pompoir.

Okey, one last thing before we move on (in case you weren’t sold yet on this practice!).

When we talk about super orgasms, we don’t just mean vaginal orgasms.

Though Pompoir obviously trains the inside of your vagina, and the exercises are applied in bed during penetration, the practice seems to have a positive effect on your body’s overall sensitivity.

I’m going to illustrate this with a (quite embarrassing) story.

A few months after my partner and I started experiencing all the benefits of this practice, we were watching a movie on the couch.

Like it was now customary for us, pretty soon we found ourselves not paying attention to Tom Hanks anymore and engaging in a hot-and-heavy makeout session.

Now, we both still had our clothes on (it was a Tom Hanks flick after all, we intended to finish it!) – but when he started grabbing my hips as I grinded on top of him (my boyfriend, not Tom Hanks) I started noticing a strange, strong wave of heat emanating from between my thighs.

He kept on kissing me until he noticed I was starting to shake.

I pulled him away from me to gain some balance, but it was too late. I was shaking, and tingly, and hot as a pistol, and before he could say “what the hell’s going on?” I surrendered in a startling, amazing orgasm. 

This had never happened to me before, and for the life of me, I had no idea what had triggered it.

But after the third time of it occurring over the next few months, my boyfriend had to stop smiling in pride – it was obviously not his doing, but Pompoir’s.

We’re still puzzled about the relationship between this practice and sudden orgasms, but a few of our students have shared similar stories with me, so there must be something.

Our theory is that it relates to our previous point about arousal. When you’re consistently promped to think about sex, your neural transmitters make this connection quickly, and more events of your regular life start triggering you to get horny.

And as you apply Pompoir in bed and start equating arousal and sex with orgasms (knock on wood!) then the mere emotion of arousal might start triggering them. 

Let’s recap again. So far we have:

  1. stronger orgasms
  2. faster arousal
  3. increased libido
  4. climaxing with your jeans on and not a whole lot of stimulation, at all.

What else can we ask for?

Stronger Relationship

This is a big one.

They say divorces happen (for the most part) for one of two reasons: money arguments, or lack of sex.

And if you’re looking into Pompoir, it’s very likely that you’ve been searching for ways to rekindle the spark in the bedroom.

If that’s the case – you’re a rockstar. You’ve decided to let go of sex hangups and you’ve taken matters into your own hands: you’re going to create the sex life you’ve always dreamed of. 

We hope your partner is doing the same on his end, and we’re going to do everything we can to help you connect with your inner sex goddess.

Pompoir, as we’ve seen it, has helped relationships in two ways:

  1. first, as described several times throughout this article (and we’ll never get tired of repeating it!) Pompoir will radically improve sex itself.

The whole experience will become more pleasurable for both you and your partner, as you travel the marvelous path of the Super Orgasm.

And as sex becomes exciting again, you’ll find ways to do it more often, even with your busy schedules (quickie during lunch break, anyone?).

More and better sex means better mood, and better mood means less fights, and less fights means an overall happier marriage.

2. and second, Pompoir opens the door to an entire new language of communication.

Now, this might not be the case for you – you and your partner may already talk about sex often, what each of you enjoys most, and are perfectly comfortable discussing erotic fantasies.

Sadly, this isn’t the case for most couples.

But when you start bringing in more dimensions to your sex life, then an entire world of opportunities opens up before your eyes. And Pompoir seems to be a fantastic gateway for this.

Many husbands and boyfriends of students have contacted us to thank us – not just because of the glorious orgasms they were experiencing with their goddesses– but because the practice had made them realize just how much their partners were craving more exciting sex.

Not all women feel comfortable talking about how they’re yearning for a more passionate relationship, and bringing Pompoir to the bedroom seems to be an exciting first step into an entire world of possibilities in your relationship – not just in terms of sex, but in conversations about dreams, desires, and fantasies of any kind.

Improved Confidence

Last but not least, as you can imagine, mastering Pompoir is a huge confidence boost.

Not only because you’ve discovered the secret behind driving any man crazy in bed and experiencing blissfully-intense orgasms yourself, but because, like mastering any skill, Pompoir takes time and effort, and it’s extremely rewarding.

Women we’ve coached report feeling more connected to their femininity – and not in a “wearing more sundresses” kind of way –although I’m a lover of sundresses myself– but in a much more profound way. 

They feel as though, with every practice, they get a moment alone to relax and connect with their womanhood – with their most authentic selves. 

This is why Taoism and Tantra relate sex with spirituality. Because taking a moment to get in touch with what makes us humans, with what originated every living thing, is truly a transcendent practice. 

So don’t be surprised if as you start practicing Pompoir you begin bringing aspects of this newfound confidence and femenine nature into other aspects of life – like your friendships, your hobbies, and your work. 

God knows the world needs more feminine nature spread!

The Middle Man: Milking

Perhaps the best exercise to learn to go from a basic Kegel program to Pompoir is the Milking Technique.

This exercise is a “middle man” between Kegels and Pompoir, because it’s very easy to grasp, as it requires the same skills required in Kegels, but its purpose is pure pleasure. 

We’ll be writing a full guide about this exercise soon, but I want to quickly explain how you can perform it and put it into practice in bed – so get ready honey, we’re having pompoir sex tonight!

Please note that I am not a doctor or a therapist, simply a Pompoir coach. Consult with your doctor if there’s anything that could prevent you from performing this sort of pelvic floor training.

I’ll be assuming you’re familiar with short and long contractions by now, and you’ve been performing them for at least a few days.

You’re now going to do the following.

I want you to imagine you have your partner inside of you, and you’re “giving him a tour” of your vagina, moving slowly through each level until you get to the top.

Start with an inhale - filling your belly with air.

As you exhale, I want you to very slowly, in one intentional motion, contract the entrance of your vagina and follow that movement along until you reach your cervix.

It’s as if you’re trying to pull your partner deeper and deeper inside of you.

Once you reach the top, I want you to keep pulling inward for 3 seconds. Continue breathing normally through your nose as you do - do not hold your breath.


Now, with your next inhale, as you fill your belly with air, slowly release back down, and allow your pelvic floor muscles to lengthen. You should feel your pubic bone and your tailbone stretching apart.

As you get to the bottom, relax.

Fantastic – that’s the basic Milking technique. You want to slowly contract all the way in, hold that contraction for a few seconds, and then release and lengthen your muscles.

How to use it in bed:

Pull as your partner is leaving your body, and relax as he’s thrusting in.

It will not feel intuitive at first, but trust us.

The sensation he’ll get from feeling a sort of “resistance” as he gets in, and then feeling your vagina grab him as he’s trying to get out is absolutely exquisite.

And you can fasten the motion to adapt it to the speed of his thrusts.

Once you master the Milking technique, you can move on to more complex (& pleasurable!) Pompoir skills – like sucking, twisting, pulsing, tilting, whipping, and locking!

The Next Step: Learning to Squeeze

Okey, if you read this far, I’m going to assume you’re sold on the practice already.

So let’s get to it – let’s help you become a Pompoir Expert.

We already covered three basic exercises for you to strengthen your pelvic floor: the short contraction, the long contraction, and Milking.

You need to practice them for a few weeks to build a solid foundation of your PC muscles, so that you can then move on to pure Pompoir techniques, like squeezing.

Squeezing is the first motion that’s unique to Pompoir – and although you may have read the term “squeezing” in Kegel training material, it is often misused. Kegel articles and guides are actually referring to contracting when they use the word “squeezing”.

And here’s the difference:

Contracting is a vertical motion, and it’s quite intuitive. It’s the “lifting” or “pulling in” movement we do when we’re trying to hold in our pee. When you contract, you’re shortening your vaginal canal.

Squeezing, on the other hand, is a horizontal motion. It is not as intuitive, and it’s highly unlikely you’ve done it before unless you’ve trained Pompoir. It involves pressing your lateral walls together to close your vaginal canal.

Achieving the squeezing motion takes a few weeks, but it’s absolutely doable.

The best part? Once you achieve squeezing and can differentiate it from contracting, all the other Pompoir exercises will be much easier to perform.

Gripping, tilting, locking, whipping, sucking, twisting, pulsing – with squeezing in your arsenal, you’ll be able to get these much faster. 

What squeezing allows you to do is identify both of your lateral walls, and the different levels of your vaginal canal. Once you can do this, then all the other Pompoir exercises are combinations and variations of movements to perform through these three levels, and your lateral walls.

So this is a great way to “dip your toes” in Pompoir’s Holy Water.

We explain how to perform the squeezing motion in depth in our Oh!lympus Program, but here are some basic tips:

  1. first, building a solid foundation of strength will make this movement much easier to achieve. So try performing the contraction protocol we gave you above for a week or two before trying this out.

  2. second, your fingers are your best friend. Making sure you’re properly lubricated, insert them inside of you as you try to bring your lateral walls closer and closer together.

    Then perform a simple contraction and notice if you feel different sensations.

  3. third, try to break up the motion into tiny steps.

    At first, you won't be able to close your lateral walls in one swift motion, so do it in 4 or 5, bringing them just a little bit closer together every time.

Things to Consider

Here are a few things you may want to consider before embarking on your Pompoir Journey, and becoming a master at playing the skin flute.

First thing’s first: this will take time. You’re not going to become a vagenius (“New Girl”, anyone?) overnight. It’s going to take some time.

As with any new skill, the best thing you can do is break it up into tiny steps for each day. Aim to perform one exercise for about 5 minutes each day.

That’s it.

Over time, you’ll start strengthening your muscles down there, which in turn will help you identify each section of your vaginal canal, which in turn will allow you to perform more complex motions (as well as make penetration ten times more amazing!).

Training Regime: In order to quickly get a hold of these skills, you want to be training at least 5 times a week, for about 5 to 20 minutes.

It’s imperative that you allow some recovery time during the weekend, and take a week off per month. If you still have your period, that can be your week off.

Stretching: Stretching is extremely important to avoid any sort of injury. Remember, you’re training muscles that you probably never activated consciously before.

Not stretching your pelvic floor after each session can result in muscle cramps, and those can be extremely painful. So use these positions to stretch for at least 5 minutes after each practice.

Tools: You don’t really need many tools to train Pompoir, but here are some that might help you, especially when you get into more complex motions.

  1. Kegel balls: these are a great complement to help you build a foundation of strength in your pelvic floor.

    You can simply insert them inside of you with the help of a lubricant, and go about your day.

    Leave them inside for up to 4hs (never go longer than that!), take them out, rinse them, and save them for future use.

  2. Vibrator / dildo: a penis-shaped object will prove to be a great ally when it comes to mastering complex techniques such as locking, sucking, and twisting. Those are performed in the deepest levels of the vaginal canal, so your fingers won’t be able to reach too far.

  3. Lubrication: and finally, you want to have your favorite lubricant nearby for when you’re planning on inserting your fingers or a vibrator inside of you for the purpose of training.

    Though it’s likely that you’ll get aroused fast enough, if you just started your practice and want to get a feel for the movements using your fingers, a handy lube is the hero you need. 

We don’t generally recommend “intelligent” tools like yoni eggs that connect to your iPhone because we haven’t yet found one that accurately tracks contractions and other Pompoir movements, but we’ll update this article if we find and try one that we can confidently recommend.


Final Note

We hope this guide has been helpful and has encouraged you to begin your Pompoir journey. 

It’s truly a one-way ticket. We’ve been training for over two years and we keep adding new exercises and techniques we discover to the program every chance we get –yes, our animation team hates us. No, we’re not planning on stopping!.

We’ll keep writing new articles here in the hopes of turning Pompoir (and women’s health overall) into a normal, day-to-day topic. Something that we can all openly discuss, learn from, and improve at!

Thank you for reading, 

We hope to see you in the Oh!lympus Program, goddess.

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