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The 4 Levels of Pompoir Mastery (from Advanced Kegels to Elite)

exercise Mar 23, 2024


I recently released The Gohddess Method book, a complete bible on the art of Pompoir, or how we like to call it here, vaginal gymnastics.

The book aims to take women through all the levels of vaginal training, from complete beginners to absolute, what-are-you-doing-to-me, femme fatales.

With husbands waking up early to make them breakfast while they try to piece together the events of the night before, while wondering how they got so lucky to have a sex goddess for a wife.

I’m not being hyperbolic here. Check out the experience of one of the readers of the book. 

Today, I’d like to shed some light on the different levels there are to this practice, how to figure out where you’re at, and what to look forward to if you plan to continue on this journey of advanced kegel mastery, to become the ultimate…



Starting Point: Pelvic Floor Health Essentials

The first step before you consider any sort of pelvic floor training (whether it’s kegels or pompoir) is to make sure you’re
eligible to do it.

So check with your physician (ideally, a urogynecologist or pelvic floor kinesiologist) and make sure you don’t have a hypertonic pelvic floor.

A hypertonic pelvic floor is a pelvic floor that’s too tight and unable to properly relax. As you can imagine, training it even more is only going to make matters worse.

And don’t be fooled – just because it’s tight doesn’t mean that it’s strong. When a pelvic floor is locked up, it’s actually less efficient at supporting your organs, because blood cannot properly flow through those muscles. So you might experience the same symptoms of a weak pelvic floor (urinary incontinence, uncomfortable sex, pelvic pain).

Luckily, in most cases hypertonicity on the pelvic floor is easily fixed with proper treatment. Your physician might recommend some relaxation techniques to release tension on your muscles over time.

Once you get the go ahead to begin pelvic floor training, take extra precautions. Follow proper form and breathing technique, and rest often. We explain all of this in the book, and we also have a pelvic floor health guide that you can follow.


Level 1: Strength Queen

The first stage in becoming the quintessential femme fatale, being able to elicit divine levels of pleasure for both you and any man lucky to come in your way, is to build a solid foundation of
healthy strength in your pelvic floor muscles.

And the best way to do this is by working through the Transverse Plane of the vagina, as in, the vertical levels inside your vaginal canal.


Do an isometric contraction.

Inhale, and as you exhale, pull up with your pelvic floor muscles as if you were holding your pee.

Then, continue breathing normally through your nose as you hold that strong contraction. If you can’t hold it for longer than 15 seconds, then you’re in this stage.


  • holding an isometric contraction for up to 30 seconds, with proper form

  • doing eccentric contractions, slowing down on the “releasing” part of the exercise

  • practicing correct breathing (inhaling on the release, exhaling on the contraction)

  • identifying the different vertical levels of your vaginal canal, and how each of them feels

As you progress through this stage, it’s likely you’ll start feeling penetration (of any kind) much more intensely, because your muscles will be wrapped much tighter against whatever’s inside of you. If you’ve ever had trouble with lack of sensation during sex, the exercises in this stage alone will drastically improve that.

Our free beginners guide will guide you through the exercises of this first stage.

Level 2: Advanced Kegels Territory

Once you’ve gained a healthy amount of strength on your pelvic floor muscles, it’s time to start focusing on vaginal

This next stage is what differentiates basic kegels (which solely focus on the Transverse plane) with advanced kegels or Pompoir.

In Pompoir, we work through the three planes of movement of the vagina. And in this stage, we’ll start getting familiar with the Frontal Plane (as in, the lateral walls of the vaginal canal).


See if you can execute
different types of vaginal movements.
For example, if you listen to a song, can you match the different beats and melodies of the song to different movements of your pelvic floor muscles?

Can you match the fast beats with faster contractions, and can you hold long contractions when a given note of the song holds for a few seconds?

What if I asked you to move only the right side of your vagina, or only the left?
Even if you can’t do it perfectly, the fact that you can feel yourself clenching more through one side than the other is a great sign you’re ready for this stage. 



  • differentiating between “contracting” (pulling) and “squeezing” (closing)

  • isolating the right and left walls of your vaginal canal

  • combining the Transverse and Frontal planes of the vagina for exercises such as Whipping

  • mastering speed & functional training

  • gaining greater control of the different levels of the Transverse plane

As you work through this stage, it’s likely that you’ll notice improvements in your arousal cycle. Squeezing in particular, and at the heart of the vaginal canal specifically, can be very stimulating. So don’t be surprised if in the middle of your workout you feel like you need some “me” time to get yourself off!

This will also translate into sex. You’ll crave sex more often, and you’ll get aroused faster during foreplay. This is because you’ll become very good at drawing blood to the genital region, and you’ll create a psychological loop in your head of thinking about sex when you train, and training when you have sex. 

All of this accelerates the orgasm loop, and can transport you into multiorgasmic heaven. 

The key in this stage is clearly understanding the difference between squeezing and contracting. Which is why I dedicated an entire chapter to this subject in The Gohddess Method

Level 3: Sex Goddess

Ready to start designing your own orgasms and become a vaginal Olympic gymnast? Because that’s exactly what this stage of pelvic floor mastery entails.

In this stage, you’ll be learning how to control the third and final plane of the vagina: the Sagittal Plane. As in, the front and back walls of your vaginal canal.

And if you’re not keeping count, that’s all the walls. You’ve got the vertical levels up (Transverse Plane), the left and right halves (Frontal Plane), and the front and back walls (Sagittal Plane).

We’re talking 360 degrees, complete vaginal dominance.


If you’re able to
squeeze through the three vertical levels of the Transverse Plane, and can clearly differentiate this movement from contracting through these three levels, you’re ready to start training the Sagittal Plane.

And it will probably be an easy transition, too. For many women, it’s much harder to go from the Transverse Plane to the Frontal Plane than it is to go from the Frontal Plane to the Sagittal Plane.

And yet – once you master this final plane, you’ll be able to perform every single Pompoir move out there. I’m talking locking, twisting, shimmying, rubbing, controlling, and wringing. 

These aren't kegels. These aren’t even advanced kegel exercises. This, my sex goddess, is true vaginal gymnastics.


  • squeezing through the front and the back of the vagina, independently

  • contracting (and releasing) through the front and the back of the vagina, independently

  • combining the Transverse and Sagittal planes of movement for exercises such as rocking, and frontal rubbing

  • combining the three planes of movement for exercises such as locking, controlling, twisting, and wringing

  • learning directional movement

As you progress through this stage, you’ll start noticing something very interesting: you can now start creating your own experience during sex.

You can build your own orgasms à la carte, sort of speak. 

This is because you’ll gain an incredibly dialed-in connection with your vagina. Every corner, every region, every zone will become your playing ground to elicit the exercises you find the most pleasurable.

Love how it feels to rub against a toy with your lateral walls near the cervix? You can do it.

Can’t get enough of the friction you get when you focus a contraction at the very entrance of your vagina? Roger that. 

You get the most insane orgasms when you rock back and forth in a fast tempo at the heart of your vaginal canal? Go for it.

We cover many of these advanced moves in the book. But we’ll also be launching an advanced course on these complex skills with step-by-step animations, completely for free for students of The Ohlympus Program.

Level 4: Pompoir Elite

You’re ready.
You’ve put in the time, you’ve dialed in your technique, and you’ve taken the necessary precautions to ensure the health of your pelvic floor.

You’ve breezed through your contractions, you’ve identified and isolated your horizontal walls, you’ve mastered control over your front and back walls, and to top it off, you’ve combined the movement of these three planes to elicit the most blissful sensations during lovemaking.

You are a total sex goddess. But now, you want more.

You want to become Pompoir elite. You want to join the exclusive society of women worldwide who can command every vaginal muscle at their whim, effortlessly bringing men to their knees (all the while experiencing euphoric, transcendent orgasms akin to a psychedelic journey themselves!).

This is the final step in total Pompoir mastery.


This test is very simple. If I told you to squeeze both the front and the right walls of your vagina, but only at level 3 vertically, would you be able to do it?

How about if I asked you to direct your posterior wall to the left corner, while pressing with your entire anterior wall?

How about if I asked you to alternate between pulsing the left and right walls at level 1 to the beat of “Another One Bites the Dust”?

If these three challenges sound like childsplay to you, you’re ready to become Pompoir Elite.


  • achieving each of the 36 pompoir exercises in every single sex position

  • achieving each of the 36 pompoir exercises at varying girths (whether it’s with different partners, or different vibrator sizes)

  • developing your own Pompoir choreographies (and matching a wide range of melodies, tempo changes, and rhythms of songs)

  • creating your own Pompoir skills

  • designing your own orgasms and pleasure journeys during sex and masturbation

This is it, goddess. 

This is what it means to be a vaginal Olympic gymnast. 

These are the skills that Cleopatra allegedly used on Julius Caesar, gaining his affection, leading to the siege of Alexandria.

This is the practice that Diane de Poitiers was rumored to have mastered, to become King Henry II’s favorite royal mistress and one of the most powerful women in 16th century France.

These are the techniques that Wallis Simpson was said to have used on King Edward VIII, leading him to abdicate the British throne so that they could get married. 

If you want to get here, you have two options: 

  1. You can go the solo route with the help of your map, that included detailed instructions on how to transition through each of these levels, or

  2. Join a program and vibrant community of fellow sex goddesses, packed with step-by-step animations and a schedule of workouts, so you know exactly what to do on each day, and are able to ask for help whenever you need it.

Whether you’re in Level 1 of your journey or Level 4, the biggest message I want you to take from this post is – you can absolutely master this. We’ve got plenty of free resources on this blog, as well as our YouTube channel and even our TikTok.

This community of women is absolutely wonderful. And I can’t wait for you to join us.


Ready to become the ultimate sex goddess?

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