Unleash your inner sex goh!ddess.

Learn the ancient art of Pompoir in a discreet, step-by-step program and discover the secret to super-orgasms.

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What is Pompoir?


Pompoir is an ancient practice from India that teaches women how to master their vaginal muscles to dramatically enhance the sexual experience.

Think of it like Kegel training taken to an entirely new level.

Women who master this art can pull, tilt, twist, whip, lock, grip, and pulse their partner's penis – giving both parties out of this world orgasms.

This fully-animated course  teaches you how to perform every single technique & transform your sex life forever.

Here's what you'll learn

a 12-week program that brings out your inner sex goddess.


MODULE 1: Intro to Pompoir

A brief introduction to the Oh!lympus Program, the Anatomy of a Goh!ddess, and the motions you'll be learning.

MODULE 2: The Aphrodite Pillar

This is where we'll build the foundations of stregth in order to master Pompoir, and work on the pleasurable Milking technique.

MODULE 3: The Artemis Pillar

Here, we'll work on identifying and activating the different regions of our vaginal canal and work on more advanced exercises.

MODULE 4: The Athena Pillar

In this pillar we'll master the most advanced techniques in this course, such as the Alternate Side Isolation & Sucking motion.

MODULE 5: Rites of Passage

Test yourself through a series of challenges that will give you insights on your progress in your epic journey to Olympus.

MODULE 6: The Love Chamber

Ready to put everything you've learned into practice in the bedroom? Wow your Zeus with these combinations & secret tactics.

MODULE 7: Graduation

It's time to continue your journey as a sex goddess on Earth. Here's how to maintain your skills & become a Muse 


You'll also get free access to all future updates, including new exercises, positions and techniques.

Ready to become a sex goh!ddess?

The Oh!lympus Program
is a fully-animated course (no intimidating pictures here!) that will help you master Pompoir in the most straightforward way. 

Get the Program for $399 only $299


You also get all of these bonuses...

Extra Animations

Additional video animations that aid your main training lessons & help as quick reminders. 

The Goh!ddess Community

Lifetime access to a private community of amazing women from all around the world who are also doing this training.

Printable Guide

For you to take on vacation and packed with extra tips to achieve each technique.

What other Goh!ddesses are saying...

we had to keep them anonymous, because... you know.

Marie, 58

When you give yourself to the instructions and let go of mental blocks, pleasure has no limits. 
My husband is fascinated, and I have no words to express how good I feel! We want MORE!!!

The best thing is that there's no age limit to learn these skills, and I've learned you never stop discovering your own sexuality.

Julie, 36

I don't think I'll be able to write what this course did for me in just one paragraph!

But here's the most important thing: it renewed my marriage.

These exercises have become part of my life. I will ever stop practicing.

If you can get this course – don't doubt it. You will NOT regret it.

Laura, 53

What an amazing experience – truly a one way ticket. Sexual self-discovery is priceless, and I want to thank you for this gift. 

Developing one’s sexuality –whether alone or with one’s partner– is the most natural thing in the world, and having such a straightforward tool to achieve it is what made this such an enjoyable journey.

Edith, 34

The only word to describe this course is ESSENTIAL – I never felt this way before.

The girls are amazing at explaining this and they are there for you every step of the way. It is a beautiful journey of personal development you can’t miss.

My husband and I are super grateful to Goh!ddess.

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Get the Program for $399 only $299